About Teague Production Framing Inc.

Jerry Teague started in the construction industry in the early 90’s, working for South Wind Construction a contracting company out of Rancho Santa Fe California. In 1994 he started working for one of the biggest commercial framing contractors in San Diego. He started as a carpenters apprentice and after two and a half years became one of the top bosses in the company, running big projects such as schools, shopping centers, apartment complexes churches and auto dealerships; running two to three buildings at once. This is when the construction industry was booming; Jerry’s strong points are being able function under pressure and getting the job done. Running 20 to 40 man crews depending on the job, he worked for this company for 15 years. Opening his company Teague production framing in 2008 he still has a good relationship with his old boss and occasionally will still help him on projects. Through those years Jerry built a loyal hard working workforce that is currently still employed by him.


Our Approach at Teague Production Framing...

is to work hands on with the General Contractor or Homeowner to review the job before starting the project. We try to solve problems before they become a problem, which saves the client time and money. We are competitive in our pricing and we do business the right way.